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Folk science in folk culture

Folk traditions of the world hold the anthropological structures which create natural probabilities for socio-cultural-spiritual traditions.

The natural patterns of human behavior, relative to space and time corresponding factors, has evolved in coming up with the basic structure of the folk behaviors and its culture, practice and belief systems.

Folk culture is hold in all kinds of arts that showcase patterns of human behavior. Folk culture being the root continuously attracts the artificial sophisticated culture for the survival of the later. Thus folk culture has been a major study for artists of various kinds from performing arts to visual arts and other arts that are based on better ways of life like art of cooking and creating your own space…décor to designing.

Baul is a folk cultural heritage of ballad singing to spiritual teachings of the yogis particularly from Vajrayana-Kaula-Natha traditions through songs and dances in mystic tune and rhythm. The science behind their enchanting performances and naturally perfect bohemian life, today is a high concentration for modern global researchers of body-mind development. Bauls see their truth in a Common Human Being with the folk term of Manush.

- Manush bhojle sonar Manush pabi -

If you take to the practice of The Human, the Self-Soul Mate, You will find One who is The Enlightened Human Being.

The Way is all about Love, Interdependence and Synchronicity flowing along Life as it is.

Writer and folk researcher. Gopalnagarr, Burdwan, W.B. India

Kulavadhuta Satpurananda